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Supplying Artwork

Larger Files?

Supplying Artwork to Printplus

How to Send Artwork

If you have multiple files, or artwork that exceeds 15 MB, simply send them to us via This free service is a doddle to use and will allow you to transfer up to 2 GB to Printplus at one time! Simply upload the files to the site and add in the email address of the person you wish to send them to, and we’ll receive a personalised link in


Please supply all artwork in PDF format. This means whatever software you have used to create your artwork, we'll be able to open it.

Please supply a multiple-page PDF as single pages in page order - that way we can assemble it correctly at our end. We suggest you keep all text and copy at least 5mm away from the trimmed edge.



Bleed refers to artwork that extends beyond the document boundaries. We print it and then we chop it off. This ensures that your printed product won't have a white edge along the sides, but a nice clean colour or image running right up to the edge. Please ensure that any artwork that touches the edge of the page is extended an extra 3mm beyond where it will be trimmed.


Composite (Rich) Blacks and Greys

A solid black area printed in only black ink can look a bit thin and washed out. A composite black is a combination of black and a percentage of other colours, used to make black areas rich and dark. A good start point for rich black is 30C 30M 30Y 100K.

For best results it is important to make sure text is set to black only, as overlaying additional colours of ink can reduce the crispness of the type.


Printplus has a highly qualified design team with years of experience in print who can create unique, custom artwork for your project. However, if you have your own artwork to supply to us, our artroom run a free checking and proofing service, to ensure your job is delivered looking exactly as you planned.

order to download your designs... and it won’t cost you a penny!


If you’d rather speak to us directly about anything, or are having any issues at all, please give us a call on 01253 743750.

We’ll be happy to talk you through the whole process and advise you.

Crop Marks

Crop marks should be selected when outputting your PDF. This way they will be automatically set up to appear as 'registration black'.



Please ensure that all embedded images are in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). RGB images may look good on your screen but final output to print is always in CMYK. Typically RGB images display brighter than CMYK and sometimes what looks vibrant on screen can seem dull in comparison when printed. Converting images to CMYK on your computer before sending them to us will give you a better idea of what your work will look like in print.



Images are made up of lots of pixels which are essentially dots on a page. If an image is made up of too few pixels this will be apparent when printing and cause the image to look blocky or “pixellated”.

For really good print reproduction we need files saved at 300dpi (dots per inch). Less than 300dpi and your artwork might print dotty or fuzzy.


Please always save your artwork at actual print size. If we have to scale up your artwork to a larger size than supplied, it will reduce the dpi.


All our prices include a PDF proof as standard before sending to print. This is a general purpose guide of how your job will appear once it has been processed by us. Our studio team will take this opportunity to make you aware of any issues they may have spotted. Please note that colours of PDF proofs are a guide only and the final print will not be exactly as viewed on screen.


If you require a high resolution digital proof these can be supplied

for an extra charge.

Our Epson proofs are calibrated to our printing presses.

Download our Folder Cutting Forme Guide